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StartUP Visa Portugal

Are you an entrepreneur who intends to develop your startup in Portugal, even though you might not have started your business yet?

Have you already launched a startup in your country but want to set it up in Portugal?

Are you from outside the European Economic Area & Switzerland?

If so, you’re eligible to apply for the Startup Visa

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The wiiGO is a patented user-tracking technology, thought for improving businesses and people’s lives. The latest technology in image recognition enables the wiiGO whether to follow anyone or to move autonomously in a given environment, improving businesses and people’s lives like never before.
wiiGO Retail
The wiiGO is an autonomous self-driven shopping chart, designed to help people carry their purchases.
wiiGO Curator
The Curator can follow promoters, greet or inform your audience.
wiiGO Logistics
Solution for the transport of objects and goods using new sensor and navigation techniques.

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Trigger.Systems solution is based on a WEB platform that is portable to many devices and can be integrated with several equipment in the market. Trigger.Systems also developed proprietary equipment models for three types of automatic irrigation systems: central controllers, battery operated controllers and pivots. These three products are connected to the platform and are very efficient compared with the solutions available in the market. All these products are very competitive in prices and have a payback time lower than 1 year in most of the cases.

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Fundão Incubator is a StartUP Visa Certified

Over the past few years Fundão has proved to be a prime location to invest, to do business and to live, as evidenced in 2015 by the 1st prize in the European Enterprise Promotion Awards for improving business environment; and in 2016 for the recognition as Portuguese City of Year regarding Fundão’s integrated ecosystem to support companies.

In Fundão you will find:

Office spaces with furniture, optical fiber connection, security 24/7 and private parking for a monthly rent of 1€ per square meter;
- Priority access to Fundão’s Advanced Training Centre;
- Code Academy;
- Tax breaks;
- Low cost housing solutions;
- Incentives for recruiting HR;
- Lifestyle

We look forward to welcoming you to Fundão and invite you to discover a land full of opportunities.

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Portugal is the ideal country to set up your new business, to work, study, for your second home or a place to retire.

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Talent, Innovation Entrepreneurship

The aim of newStartUp.tech is the promotion of INNOVATIVE ideas, services, products or solutions, business opportunities, grants and incentives, in different countries/cities around world.
Trade & Investment Agencies and similar organizations are invited to publish/promote business opportunities, grants & incentives for investors, in their country/city.

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“If you wait for perfect conditions, you'll never get anything done.”

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Technology has reshaped our world

The way we shop, talk with friends, make restaurant reservations and certainly in the way we work every day. The digital economy opens new opportunities, but it’s also raises new questions about how people and organizations will adapt and grow in this new era.
How people and companies are navigating this changing world?

The future is happening around us. And we must rise to the challenge to meet it and thrive in the new industrial revolution.

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Would you like to invest, work, study or live in Portugal?

Portugal welcomes you with its culture, historic cities, sunny sandy beaches and amazing cliffs.
A country that combines tradition and modern life.
Excellent direct flight connections and state-of-the-art roads and telecommunications networks.
One of the best locations to do business in the World, says the World Bank.
One of the most peaceful country in Europe and the World, says the Institute for Economics and Peace.
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International Consultants

In Portugal live thousands of people of different nationalities with senior level in different areas of knowledge, different cultural experiences, and with an incredible professional / business network.
If we join some of these people (your knowledge, your network) into a single organisation acting as consultants, I think we could create significant value for any company or entity.

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