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is a virtual incubator based in Dubai Internet City.
FasterCapital was established in 2010 and its model has been publicly available since 2015.

FasterCapital is a virtual incubator based on the co-founder concept, investing in startups and providing them with the technical development from A to Z

Fastercapital has three main programs: Tech Cofounder or technical partner, Idea to Product and Grow your Startup.
Fastercapital has graduated 20 startups that are fully functional now, around 26 startups in Tech Cofounder. FasterCapital helped 281 startups in its acceleration program. FasterCapital is well connected worldwide with 989 Representatives/Regional Partners and 494 offices worldwide, has a strong network of 993 Mentors worldwide. FasterCapital has established more than 78 partnerships with incubators/accelerators/VentureFunds worldwide. FasterCapital has four rounds of funding per year. Anyone who is looking for a tech partner or has an idea or looking to grow their startup can apply to these rounds for free. FasterCapital has already committed to investing $22.04m in 98 startups.

key features
  • Specialized in IT Field
  • Mentorship
  • Accept non-technical entrepreneurs
  • Don't need to relocate to join
  • Provides tech developer per equity
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Portugal StartUp Community
Better to Earth

We work for a better planet.
Because we care about Earth, we believe that applications of Porous Alpha are the best and most cost-effective means to improve its water usage, while contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


Innovative and accurate solutions in predictive maintenance.
Online remote monitoring of electric machines


VR brain training games designed to help increase attention levels, and address cognitive illnesses, disorders, and learning challenges.

93bits Studio

93bits Studio is a software development company focused on Videogame Development, Mobile Applications and Interactive Solutions.


Datadev is a network of experts freelancers in Artificial Intelligence, BI & Analytics, Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud, Data Science, Data Security, Data Visualization, IoT, Machine Learning and Robotics.

Rooting Tech

A Rooting Tech é uma startup com o objectivo de oferecer ao sector florestal tecnologias para auxiliar a manutenção das florestas, de modo a contribuir para o futuro sustentável das mesmas.


KANNABEIRA® main objectives are to supply the Portuguese and Spanish medical market as well as export raw and externally transformed oils and derivatives through supply agreements and different partnerships, focusing on High Quality Cultivation, R&D on the Plant Biotech and Health Sciences fields, ...

Digital Manager Guru

A platform that brings together (in a few clicks) everything you need to sell online consistently: high conversion checkout, integrations for marketing and after-sales, tracking, and ROI in real-time. Ideal to scale your business and boost e-commerce sales.


We are focused on creating smart technology for highly effective enterprises and people. We develop Smart Driving solutions for the Insurance market and Smart Field Service Management solutions for companies with mobile workforces.


Soluções tecnológicas que incluem o design de hardware e software no contexto da Industria 4.0, IoT e Smartcities.

BLiminal – MarTech & Business Experts

A Liminal é especialista em MarTech, como CRM - Customer Relationship Management, Automação de Marketing e Analítica, que ajudam as empresas a melhorar os resultados de marketing e de vendas. Unimos estratégia, tecnologia e marketing para entregar uma experiência superior ao cliente, capaz de impulsionar os negócios.


YData helps data science teams deliver ML models, with special focus on data acquisition through the generation of synthetic data. We make data available with privacy by design, so data scientists can focus their time on things that matter.

TotalCross Platform

TotalCross is an open source technology that helps developers to build and deploy applications for iOS, Android, Windows, and embedded devices reducing the time, cost, and complexity of the app creation. Get started in less than 8 minutes.


Imagine a Lego like system, where you can build any structure, wall or furniture, inside or outside, with no tools, no screws, no glue - that's CORKBRICK!


Development of 3D interactive digital solutions and remote monitoring systems based on satellite data.


TAIKAI helps organizations to run their innovation challenges and hackathons acting as an online facilitator. Through their platform, it is possible to apply, participate, vote and reward the best projects that emerge from the challenge, in a fully online and transparent way.

Intelligent Algorithms

Expertise Areas:
✪ Machine learning, Data Analytics and Big Data:
✪ Neural network/deep learning;
✪ Text Analytics;
✪ Computer Vision;
✪ Clustering, Segmentation and Recommendation;
✪ IoT Systems with Time Series Analysis;


We develop and commercialize a wide range of functional inks for the printed electronics market. By printing these smart inks, the customer can produce printed and flexible sensors into different substrates, to measure pressure, vibration, magnetic field as well specific chemical components.


NUADA is bringing to the market an innovative hand function support system (new type of soft active exoskeletons) which uses thin, breathable, flexible and smart textiles to provide a light, non-intrusive, safe and small glove, to be used on an everyday basis that allows users to hold up to 40 kg’s of weight with their hands completely relaxed. is mainly dedicated to Software Development, with a particular focus on robustness, scalability and quality, and Software Quality Assurance, namely using the Cerberus SaaS platform, launched by in partnership with the core open source community of Cerberus.

Valispace GmbH

Valispace is a browser-based software allowing engineers to collaboratively develop better complex hardware products, including rockets and satellites. It serves as a Single Source of Truth and allows engineers to store and collaborate along the engineering life-cycle

IOTECH - Innovation on Technology

IOTech researches and develops pervasive, innovative and intelligent solutions able to address the concerns of industries, citizens and society through the application of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept. IOTech acts in the area of Digital Transformation, Web/Mobile Development and Data Science.


Our mission is to create websites that are easy to find, functional and intuitive, fast loading and safe.
We want to help our customers to develop their business, with online presence 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, optimizing their internal processes and the relationship with their suppliers and customers.

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Investment, Innovation, Entrepreneurship