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Why Portugal

"Atlantic Business Hub"

If you've already been here on holiday,
why don't you stay to live?

Welcome to Portugal

One of the best places to live

Portugal is one of the oldest countries in the world, with an incredible history that can still be experienced today in the many monuments scattered throughout the country. Entrepreneurship, innovation, curiosity for the unknown, ability to adapt, talent to handle all the variables is nothing new, just go back to the year 1500 and analyse the Portuguese discoveries a little.
Along with the sun, beaches, surf, food, sweets, quality of life, safety, culture; today the innovation, entrepreneurship, talent gain even more strength with all foreigners who have decided to come to live, work or study in Portugal, an open-minded country that likes to receive, and always eager for knowledge.


History and cultural heritage everywhere. Culture, tradition and monuments, many recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage.

Setup your business

Portugal is the ideal country to setup your new business, to work, study, for your second home or a place to retire.

One of the best locations

One of the best locations to do business in the World, says the World Bank. One of the most peaceful country in Europe and the World, says the Institute for Economics and Peace.

Quality of life

Low cost of living and high quality of life. Natural beauty in a peaceful and safe country. The best cuisine and wines.

Golf courses

The best championship golf courses. Portugal has the largest area covered by golf courses in southern Europe in pleasant and easy access locations.


Sunny and peaceful cities and villages. Where you're welcomed by friendly people.


Portugal is currently once of the most sought-after countries in Europe, both by tourists and investors.
So attractive, in fact, that pwc published a report on why Portugal is a top choice for foreign investors, Europe's Best Kept Secret.
Portugal introduced a range of tax benefits for both EU and non-EU citizens, which made attaining residency quick, easy, and financially lucrative. The aim was to encourage direct foreign investment and help get the economy back on its feet after the Global Financial Crisis.
It's worked, and investors are coming from all over the world, with the Chinese the most significant.

The European Commission and Portugal entered into a partnership for the period from 2014 to 2020, named «Portugal 2020», under which the EU will allocate to Portugal approximately 25,000 million euros of structural funds until 2020.
The type and amount of the incentive is influenced by factors such as the size of the investment, the contribution of the investment to development areas, productive investment, R&D, creation of jobs, etc.

In Portugal, financial and tax incentives differ from region to region, and in some cities you will find additional incentives or support from business ecosystems that greatly facilitate the whole process.

move to FUNDÃO

A collaboration started in 2014 and the privilege to follow a true transformation of a city, keeping its identity intact.
An essentially rural municipality which created a business ecosystem that allowed technological companies, such as Altran, to establish themselves in Fundão, or the startup Trigger.Systems that was born here, or the Academia de Código that came to the Fundão to grow.
Today, in Fundão the different technological companies offer employment to several hundred people, and growing.
A little more than 2 hours from Lisbon (highway), Fundão has a privileged central location with easy access to Portugal and Spain, with important cities and universities around it, creating the necessary talent to support the growth of your business.
The municipality of Fundão, in its ecosystem has the necessary mechanisms to support the implementation, growth and success of your business.
High quality of life and low cost are strengths that help in attracting and retaining talent.

Incubator a Praça, Cowork Fundão, Fab Lab Aldeias do Xisto, Advanced Training Center, Workshop House, Village School, Research and development center in tele-monitoring for health, Producer Club, Business Center and Services and the Fundão business/cowork space in Lisbon (Parque das Nações) are part of the "move to Fundão" ecosystem.
An organization and team ready to work with you.

Would you like to work and live in Portugal?

Flores Island - Azores

Are you a nature lover, a lover of sea sports, and want to live and work inside beautiful sceneries, parks, forests, waterfalls and walks?
Flores Island is the right place for you!
Equipped with modern infrastructures: airport, port, excellent roads, optical fiber communications, 4G, public Wi-Fi, Hospital, museums, hotels, rent a car, …, and an excellent quality of life. A perfect place for digital workers

The island of Flores is 16.6 km long and has 12.2 km at its maximum width, which translates into a surface of 141.4 sq. km.
The Azores has a maritime climate with moderate temperatures that vary from 16°C in the winter to 26°C in the summer. Sea temperatures are influenced by the Gulf Stream, and are also mild, between 14°C and 22°C on average.

Why Portugal, Why us

The different regions and cities of Portugal provid different opportunities.
They all have a lot to offer, including in some cases may be 60% non refundable incentive.

Based on the specificity of your business and your expectations, we can help you design your business plan to apply for incentives, build your team, ..., choose the region / city where you can most easily achieve your goals.

We sincerely will work to transform your contact in what you are looking for.
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